Royal Carpet Ege Kesme Rulo ROLL EG16G

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En: 80 cm / 100 cm / 120 cm / 160 cm

Overlock, folding and fringe service are optionally available.



For Information About Carpet End Shapes click here


Please order after checking your measurements. !


En Ölçülerinde Listenin Dışında Farklı Bir Ölçü İstiyorsanız. (e.g Eni'ni 072 cm 'e düşürmemiz için Choosing the 080 Roll Write Your Net Measurements in the Note Section...! )


Except for our company or factory faults.. Since the measurements will be specific to you, no returns or exchanges are made.

Our Special Size Products will be sent in 10-15 working days.



  The Collection, which contains simplicity and elegance in its classic patterns, will add elegant touches to your homes.

  Atlas Carpet Veranda Serisi Since COTTON scarf is used in the collection, the measurements may vary between 1% and 5%.


80'lik Kesme Rulo 120'lik Kesme Rulo 100'lük Kesme Rulo 160'lık Kesme Rulo
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