Dekorenti Carpet Palermo P 5408

Dekorenti Carpet Palermo P 5408

Brand : Dekorenti
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Price : $ 140.49(Vat included)
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Dekorenti Palermo Serisi


Plain and natural. Underlining all the happy moments you will experience in your home with its models coming out of the weaving loom as a single color, Palermo is produced from colored viscose yarn. 3Palermo Carpet models, produced as a single color with every pattern that can be washed with delicate washing at 30 degrees, are a quality option for those who love simplicity.


Standard Sizes 


200x290 / 160x230 / 120x180 / 100x300 / 100x200/80x300 / 80x150




080x150 080x300 100x300 100x200 120x180 160x230 200x290
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